John Helier Lander Plaque(No8 Belmont Road)

Lander, son of a bookmaker, was born in this road. When a small boy, Lillie Langtry gave him his first paint box. In 1884 he went to London and visited John Millais, the Jersey artist. He later studied Art in Paris and the London Royal Academy. In 1892 he returned to Jersey and was appointed Art Master at the Ladies' College. His portraits of local people can be seen in the Museum, the Masonic Temple and the Royal Court. Lander's portrait of George V, commissioned by T.B. Davis, is in the Howard Davis Hall in Victoria College. For more in depth information on John Lander please click here (opens in new window). The plaque reads:- "JOHN HELIER LANDER, 1868-1944-, PORTRAIT PAINTER, LIVED IN THIS ROAD"

John Helier Lander Plaque location shot (Belmont Road)