La Chapelle de la Madelaine Plaque(Wall of 1st building next to Church House).

First known as Le Chemin de la Madelaine as it led to La Madelaine Chapel. This had been built in the north-west corner of the present churchyard in about the 10th century, to serve the cluster of fishermen's huts which then made up St. Helier.  In the 15th and 16th centuries the Chapel was turned into a house for the poor,  but by the 18th century it had fallen into ruins. The plaque reads:- "SITE OF LA CHAPELLE DE LA MADELAINE, LATER A "POOR HOUSE" REMOVED 18TH CENTURY."

Chapelle de la Madelaine plaque location shot (Bond Street)


Le Moulin à Foulon et à Brée Plaque(No 9 South Side, Conway St. end)

In the 16th century, Le Moulin à Foulon, worked by the Town stream, was built on the corner of the present Bond and Conway Streets. The plaque reads:- "LE MOULIN À FOULON ET À BRÉE (16TH CENTURY) WAS NEAR HERE."

Le Moulin à Foulon et à Brée Plaque location shot (Bond Street)