Sir Harry Burrard Plaque(The Jersey Mutual Building)

Named after Sir Harry Burrard (1755-1813) Of St Ouen, he joined the British Army, serving in America, Flanders, Denmark, and Portugal. He was M P for Lymington from 1780-1806.  In 1812 Sir Harry inherited from his mother Le Fief ès Payns, from which he gave a strip of land to General Don. This was for a road "to lead from New Street to Don Street and thence to the New Market". For more in depth information on Sir Harry Burrard please click here (opens in new window). The plaque reads:- "SIR HARRY BURRARD OF ST. OUEN'S, 1755 - 1813, GAVE THE LAND TO FORM THIS STREET LEADING TO THE MARKETS."

Sir Harry Burrard plaque locaton shot (Burrard Street)