John Wesley PlaqueOriginally known as La Rue Trousse Cotillon, because the brook running down it made it such a dirty, muddy street that women had to tuck up their long skirts to walk through it. Its name was later changed to the English one of Church Street, because it runs to the North of St. Helier's Parish Church.

In 1669, Suzanne Dumaresq, Dame de la Haule, was given permission to build, at her own expense, a Corn Market. This was built on the north side of Church Street, with her own accommodation on the lst floor. A large long shaped room on the lst floor, now the United Club, was let out for public meetings and in 1787 John Wesley preached there. For more in depth information on John Wesley please click here (opens in new window). The plaque reads:- "JOHN WESLEY PREACHED IN THE LONG ROOM OF THIS BUILDING 1787."

John Wesley Plaque location shot (Church Street)

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