COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS No 1 (Quai des Marchands)

Commercial Buildings PlaqueThese are 31 granite houses built between 1818 and 1831. As they were mostly built by and for merchants, with offices on the ground floor and living accommodation above, the area was also known as le Quai des Marchands. The quay itself, from le Havre aux Anglais (English Harbour) to la Ville (the Town),was built by David de Quetteville between 1814-1818. The scheme for the whole area which included infilling and the 1,000 ft wall, was initiated by La Vingtaine de la Ville as part of the harbour development. No. 19 was the first house to be completed in 1818. The plaque reads:- "LE QUAI DES MARCHANDS (COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS). A SOCIETY FINANCED THE BUILDING OF THE QUAY FROM LE HAVRE AUX ANGLAIS TO LA VILLE 1814-18.  LA VINGTAINE INITIATED THE WHOLE SCHEME, WHICH INCLUDED IN-FILLING AND THE 1,000 FT. WALL. NO. 19 WAS THE FIRST HOUSE TO BE BUILT, 1818."

Commercial Buildings Plaque location shot

COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS No 2 (Quai des Marchands)

1000 foot Wall PlaqueThe early 19th century harbour development initiated by La Vingtaine de la Ville included this 1,000 ft. wall built at "enormous expense" sic with private funds about 1820. The Quai des Marchands was built opposite between 1814 and 1818. The plaque reads:- "THIS 1,000 FT. WALL WAS BUILT CIRCA 1820 BY PRIVATE FUNDS "AT ENORMOUS EXPENSE" SIC, AS PART OF LA VINGTAINE DE LA VILLE PORT DEVELOPMENT.    THE QUAI DES MARCHANDS, 1814-1818, WAS COMMENCED OPPOSITE."

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COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS No 3 (Quai des Marchands)

William Hinchcliffe Wall PlaqueThis wall extending southwards to the pump recess was built for the States of Jersey in 1819/20 by William Hinchcliffe at the cost of 52 livres per pied perche. (c. £4.68 per square foot). It was designed with 27 openings (les runs à calfaîtage) to store tools and oakum used in the nearby shipyards. The plaque reads:- "THIS WALL EXTENDING SOUTHWARDS TO THE PUMP RECESS WAS BUILT FOR THE STATES OF JERSEY IN 1819-1820 BY WILLIAM HINCHCLIFFE AT THE COST OF 52 LIVRES PER PIED PERCHE. IT WAS DESIGNED WITH 27 OPENINGS (LES RUNS A CALFAITAGE) TO STORE TOOLS AND OAKUM USED IN THE ADJACENT SHIPYARDS."

William Hinchcliffe Wall Plaque location shot

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