Henry Seymour Conway PlaqueIn 1786 the Parish Assembly of St. Helier decided to construct a street to make access from the beach to the Town easier. They named it after Field Marshal Henry Seymour Conway, Governor of Jersey from 1772-1795, who planned many of the Island's anti-invasion defences. He showed great interest in the discovery made in 1785 of a prehistoric monument on Fort Regent, which included 30 large upright stones. He had two models made of it, and one of them is now at La Hougue Bie. In 1787, La Vingtaine de la Ville, in recognition of his archaeological interest and services to Jersey, presented the megaliths to him. In 1788 they were set up in Park Place, near Henley (Berks) where they still are. For more in depth information on Henry Seymour Conway please click here (opens in new window). The plaque reads:- "THIS STREET IS NAMED AFTER FIELD MARSHAL HENRY SEYMOUR CONWAY, GOVERNOR 1772-1795. HE PLANNED MANY OF THE ISLAND'S DEFENCES."

Henry Seymour Conway plaque location shot (Conway Street)

(See also Fort Regent)