Dolmen on Le Mont de la Ville Plaque(End of wall on left hand side inside entrance)

A Neolithic monument (c. 3500-2500 BC) was discovered when a new parade ground was being levelled on Mont de la Ville for the St. Helier Militia. Under the huge mound a narrow passage led to a circle of 30 massive stones. Inside the circle were at least 5 cists. The then Governor of Jersey, Field Marshal Conway, had both plans and models made of the site and one of the models can now be seen at La Hougue Bie. In 1787, in recognition of Conway's services to the Island, the Vingtaine de la Ville offered the monument to him. So, in 1788, it was taken to Park Place, Henley-on-Thames (Berks) and re-erected there, where it still is. Conway's cousin, the author Horace Walpole, described it as "Little Master Stonehenge". For more information on Henry Seymour Conway please click here (opens in new window). The plaque reads:- "THE DOLMEN ON MONT DE VILLE WAS DISCOVERED ON AUGUST 12, 1785, IN PROXIMITY TO THIS SITE. PRESENTED TO FIELD MARSHAL HENRY SEYMOUR CONWAY, GOVERNOR 1722-1795, AND IN 1788 REMOVED TO PARK PLACE, ENLEY-ON-THAMES. THIS PLAQUE WAS ERECTED BY THE PROCUREURS 1985."

Dolmen on Le Mont de la Ville Plaque location shot at entrance to Fort Regent

(See also Pier Road, South Hill, Conway Street)


Royal Militia Plaque(Middle of wall on Right hand side inside entrance)

When England declared war on 3rd September 1939 on Germany the last duty of the Jersey Royal Militia was to garrison Fort Regent. It was here from 3rd September 1939-June 1940. When on 18th June the British Government demilitarised the Island, the Militia, together with all the other British forces in the Island, were ordered to leave Jersey. So they embarked from St. Helier harbour to serve elsewhere. For more in depth information on The Royal Militia of Jersey please click here (opens in new window). The plaque reads:- "THE LAST DUTY OF THE ROYAL MILITIA ISLAND OF JERSEY WAS TO GARRISON THIS FORT FROM SEPTEMBER 2, 1939, TO JUNE 20, 1940, WHEN THE MILITIA SAILED TO SERVE OVERSEAS."

Royal Militia Plaque location shot at entrance to Fort Regent

(See also Albert Pier, Pier Road, South Hill, Royal Square (Piquet House))