Town Pump PlaqueSituated at the south end of Francis Street near the junction with La Colomberie, this is the last of the Town Pumps and was still in use until the early part of the 20th century. The plaque reads:- "THIS IS THE LAST OF THE TOWN PUMPS TO BE IN USE UNTIL EARLY 20TH CENTURY"

Town Pump Plaque location shot (Francis Street)The pump was the subject of a refurbishment project (see pump project page for more details) in the latter half of 2004. At the same time the adjacent wall to the south was reduced in height to improve the visibility of the pump from La Colomberie.

The picture below shows how the pump and adjacent wall appeared before restoration.

(Note that the original cast iron top to the pump, which was found in pieces in the concrete filling the trough, has been repaired and restored to its original position and the top, shown in the picture below, has been discarded).

Town Pump Plaque location shot (Francis Street)