Garde De Du Havre des Pas Plaque(NE wall at East end of Promenade)

A guard was stationed here to keep watch against a French invasion. The battery was manned by 9 men, who were eventually provided with 2 cannon, a boulevard and a powder magazine. In 1833 the name of the Guard House was changed to Fort D'Auvergne in honour of the services given to Jersey by Major General James d'Auvergne. It was demolished at the beginning of the 20th century. The plaque reads:- "LA GARDE DE DU HAVRE DES PAS WAS BUILT HERE CIRCA 1756, RENAMED FORT D'AUVERGNE CIRCA 1833, FOR SERVICES TO JERSEY BY MAJOR GEN. JAMES D'AUVERGNE. IT CONSISTED OF A BOULEVARD, POWDER MAGAZINE AND 2 GUNS."

Garde De Du Havre des Pas plaque loaction shot (Havre des Pas Promenade)