JEAN LE CAPELAIN; (1812-1848) (Water-colour painter).

(Originally on 24 Hill Street)

Le Capelain Plaque Hill StreetAn untrained artist, he yet managed to capture Jersey's sunrises and sunsets so evocatively, that the States commissioned him to paint an Album of Island Views to present to Queen Victoria on her first visit to Jersey in 1846. Her Majesty was so delighted with his work that she commissioned him to paint a series of pictures of the Isle of Wight. His studio here was at the top of the Calvados Hotel at the corner of Church Street and Hill Street. Some of his paintings can be seen in the Town Hall and the Museum. For more information on Jean Le capelain please click here. (opens in new window).

The plaque reads:- "JEAN LE CAPELAIN 1812-1848, JERSEY ARTIST, LIVED NEAR HERE."

Le Capelain Plaque location shot (Hill Street)

Note this plaque was originally sited at 24 Hill street where the original Calvados Hotel stood. The hotel was burnt down and a new hotel of the same name was opened on this site in Hill Street and it was here that Le Capelain lived and worked.