KING STREET, PHILIPPE D'AUVERGNE, DUKE DE BOUILLON (1754-1816) Vice Admiral and Secret Service Agent.

Philippe d'Avergne Plaque(King St, between 66 and 64)

He served first in 1770 on the Royal Yacht and 13 Years later took part in the Admiralty expedition to find the North Pole. He then fought in the 1778-1783 war against France, was taken prisoner and, by chance, was introduced to the Prince of Bouillon, Godefroi de la Tour d'Auvergne. When genealogists had proved a link between the two families, the Prince decided to adopt Philippe as his son. When, in 1793, France renewed hostilities against England, d'Auvergne was appointed Commander of Jersey's Naval Station which had its Head Quarters in Gorey Castle. He was to supply with arms and money, from the British Government, all the anti Republicans in Normandy, Brittany and La Vendée. He was promoted to Vice Admiral in 1810, but never succeeded to the Principality of Bouillon, now part of the Netherlands. The plaque reads:- "VICE ADMIRAL PHILIPPE d'AUVERGNE, PRINCE DU BOUILLON, 1754 - 1816, LIVED HERE. THEN CHEMIN DU ROY. NOUS NE CHANGEONS PAS (d'Auvergne family motto)"

Philippe d'Avergne Plaque location shot (King Street)