MOUNT BINGHAM, THOMAS EDWARD LAWRENCE, 1888-1935) British Soldier, archaeologist and explorer

Lawrence of Arabia Plaque(Bramerton House, Mount Bingham)

He was popularly known as Lawrence of Arabia, because he organised and led the Arabs against the Turks in the 1914-18 war. He also wrote 'The Seven Pillars of Wisdom' (1926). His younger brother, Frank Helier, was born in Bramerton House in 1893, so that, being born in Jersey he would not be liable for service in the French Army when the family returned to their home in Dinard. This would have been when T.E. Lawrence, aged 5, would have stayed here. Other family holidays were spent in Gorey. For more information on T.E. Lawrence please click here. See also details of the film 'Lawrence of Arabia'. (both links open in a new window). The plaque reads:- "LAWRENCE OF ARABIA, 1888-1935, STAYED IN THIS HOUSE"

Lawrence of Arabia Plaque location shot (bottom of Mount Bingham)