REGENT ROAD, No 16, LILIAN MARY GRANDIN (1876-1924) Jersey's first woman doctor.

Lilian M. Grandin PlaqueShe was born here and educated at the Jersey Ladies College. In 1896 she asked the United Methodist Church if she could join their West China Mission as a doctor. For this she left Jersey to study medicine and chemistry in Edinburgh, midwifery in Dublin and tropical and eye diseases in London. Once qualified, she went to Yunnan Province in China where she also trained Chinese women as nurses and started a leper colony. In 1912 she married Edwin J. Dingle, author of 'The Chinese Revolution' and other books on China. She died in Yunnan in 1924 of typhus and had 'A Beloved Physician' as her epitaph. The plaque reads:- "BORN HERE IN 1876, JERSEY'S FIRST WOMAN DOCTOR, LILIAN MARY GRANDIN (1876-1924). DIED OF TYPHUS IN 1924 ON MISSIONARY SERVICE."

Lilian M. Grandin Plaque location shot (Regent Road)