Beau Regard Plaque(gateway between 16 17)

This gateway was part of a property known as Beau Regard, built and owned by Jean Geffrard.  The Latin over the gateway reads "This corner of the world beyond all others smiles upon me", recalling that in 1831 there was an unimpeded view from here of both the sea and the countryside. In 2000 the Vingtaine commissioned local artist Jane Gilly to research and paint a mural that would give an impression of the view that would have been seen from the gateway in the early part of the 19th century. The plaque reads:- "THIS GATEWAY WAS PART OF A PROPERTY KNOWN AS "BEAU REGARD" OWNED AND BUILT BY JEAN GEFFRARD. "THIS CORNER OF THE WORLD BEYOND ALL OTHERS SMILES UPON ME" IN LATIN OVER THE GATEWAY RECALLS THAT IN 1831 THERE WAS A MAGNIFICENT VIEW OF COAST AND COUNTRY." (Fibre Glass Plaque)

The Mural painted by Jane Gilly in 2000

At the far left of the mural St Jame's Church can be seen but Victoria College, built in 1852 is not there yet. The large house is typical of those that would have existed in La Chasse in the early 1800's. Just the top two storeys are visible. To the right of the house can be seen the orchards and fields that would have been visible at the time. Roseville Street can also be seen. In the far right of the mural in the centre of the bay is what is now the White horse Inn at what is to become Le Dicq. Lower down the bay and further right is the Fort D'Auvergne.

The gates at Beau Regard

The scene in 2000

Beau Regard c 1964 from the rear

View from within the property c 1964.

The gates at Beau Regard

The arch prior to 1964

Prior to 1964, the property was run as a womens home and it was about 1964 that the home closed and moved to its present premises at Glanville in St. Marks Road. The notice on the gate in the picture to the left does not give a name to the home but it does say "Home for Infirm and Aged Women" and that visitors can visit daily from 3 - 5pm.

Other points of interest in this picture are that the urns on the top of the wall, the light over the gateway and the poor box to the left of the gateway are no longer there. However a very similar poor box is present beside the entrance to the main house in Regent Road but it is not clear if there were in fact two of these boxes or whether the box from the gateway was moved at some time.