Rope Walk plaque(Rope Walk sited on Maison La Corderie)

In the 19th century Jersey had a thriving shipbuilding industry part of which was located in the Vingtaine at Havre des Pas. At its peak in the 1860s there were 14 yards operating at Havre des Pas, the main ones belonged to Deslandes and Allix. The majority of the site of Allix’s shipyard belongs to the Vingtaine who in 2003 in conjunction with the Planning & Environment Department and Mrs. E. Le Miere (the owner of part of the site) created a public open space commemorating the shipbuilding industry. Behind the shipyards there were a number of rope makers and rope walks and in particular this Rope Walk off Green Street. The plaque reads:- "Rope Walk La Corderie. Rope for the local Shipbuilding Industry was made here in the 19th century"

Rope Walk plaque location shot