Jean Chevalier PlaqueDiarist, Constable's Officer, Vingtenier of La Vingtaine de la Ville, Deacon of the Town Church.

He wrote his diary in the house in the Old Market Place, behind where George II's statue now stands. His comments on how the English Civil War affected Jersey between 1643 and 1651 are without parallel. Though a Royalist himself, he noted the wrongdoing on both sides. He also gives details of Charles II's two visits in 1646 as Prince of Wales and in 1649 as proclaimed King but concludes his diary in 1651 with the arrival in Jersey of Cromwell's troops. In 1660 at the Restoration, he wrote a Journal from the daily notes he had made, which also included copies of actual official documents from that time which has made the book of inestimable value to historians. The plaque reads:- "JEAN CHEVALIER, JERSEY DIARIST 1589-1675, LIVED AND WROTE HERE."

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Jean Chevalier Plaque location shot (Royal Square)