Paving Stone Plaque(in line with entrance to Royal Court)

This paving stone commemorates the Battle of Jersey, when the last French forces to invade Jersey were defeated here, in what was then the Market Square. The French troops were led by Baron de Rullecourt, the Jersey Militia and Garrison troops by Major Peirson. Late on 5th January 1781, de Rullecourt landed at La Rocque. Just before 6 a.m. on 6th, he had led his men as far as Colomberie and was soon spotted by Edward Combs at La Chasse. He then took Moses Corbet, Jersey's Governor, prisoner. At 7.30 a.m. he had captured this Square and had proclaimed himself Jersey's new Governor. 11/2 hours later, going to get possession of Elizabeth Castle, he was foiled by Captain Mulcaster. By 11.30, Major Peirson, refusing Corbet's order to surrender, had 3,000 troops under his command at Westmount; some he send to Fort Regent; others to Broad Street; the rest he himself led down King St. Once there he sent one group down Vine Street, while he marched the rest down La Rue de la Marche and into the Square. By midday Rullecourt was penned in here. Soon his men began to surrender. Sadly, at the moment of victory, Peirson was killed. De Rullecourt died of his wounds just 24 hours after he had invaded Jersey. They are both buried at the Town Church. Holyoake's copy of Copley's "The Death of Major Peirson" now hangs in the Royal Court. The plaque reads:- "THE BATTLE OF JERSEY WAS FOUGHT IN THE ROYAL SQUARE FORMERLY THE MARKET PLACE ON THE SIXTH OF JANUARY 1781"

Paving Stone Plaque location shot (Royal Square)

(see also Le Manoir de la Motte, La Chasse/Edward Combs and Mulcaster Street)