Piquet House PlaqueThe narrow building with a large sundial in its wall was a Picket (Piquet) House i.e. a guard house. It was used by the St.Helier Battalion stationed at Fort Regent. In 1802 the land on which it stands was ceded by the States to the British Government to build one of the 2 St. Helier guard houses built to protect Jersey from a French invasion. The small band of soldiers could also support the Honorary Police in case of a disturbance in town, in the days before Jersey had a paid Police Force. When in 1834 the Crown gave up the property, it was used by the Parish as a lock-up for troublemakers. Then it reverted to the Crown, who installed the Garrison Paymaster there, until it was used by the Registrar. After 1887 the Picket House was again in Crown hands. Finally in 1934 the Crown sold it back to the States for £400. The plaque reads:- "THIS WAS FORMERLY THE PIQUET HOUSE USED BY THE MILITARY POLICE UNTIL 1926."

Piquet House Plaque location shot (Royal Square)

(See Fort Regent, Pier Rd, South Hill)