ST. SAVIOUR'S ROAD, ELINOR GLYN, (nee Sutherland) (1864 - 1943) Novelist, Scriptwriter.

Elinor Glyn Plaque(No1 St Saviour's Road)

Born at No. 1, St Saviour's Road, as a child she played with Ada Norcott, the Lieutenant Governor's daughter, at Government House where she once met Lillie Langtry. She was educated by governesses and books from the Public Library, but could never spell. She grew up a great redheaded beauty, left Jersey for London in 1889 and a year later married a wealthy landowner, Clayton Glyn. Then she began writing romantic novels reflecting the society of her day. Her most famous, 'Three Weeks' (1907) was banned as immoral.

In 1920 she moved to Hollywood, where she wrote scripts for the silent screen. When her novel 'It' was adapted as a film it was a huge success and made a star of Clara Bow who played the central character. In 1936 Elinor Glyn wrote her autobiography 'The Romantic Adventure.' The plaque reads:- "ELINOR GLYN, NOVELIST AND SCRIPTWRITER, WAS BORN HERE IN 1864."

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Elinor Glyn Plaque location shot (1 St Saviours Road)