shot of the plaque(Wall below Regent Road steps)

In the 17th century this was the eastern limit of St. Helier. It was called La Pompe de Haut because of the public pump sited here. Later in the 19th century a theatre was on the site near the plaque. Between 1873 and 1929 it was the terminus of the Jersey Eastern Railway which ran trains from St Helier to Gorey. The building of the Harbours in the middle of the 19th century used huge quantities of rock for infilling between the outer walls of the harbour and much of this rock was taken from the area now known as Snow Hill car park. The result was a level access to the town from the east - ideal for a railway. The wall to the eastern side at the town end of the car park is all that remains of the railway waiting room this now being the only visible evidence of the Jersey Eastern Railway at Snow Hill. For more information on The Jersey Eastern Railway please click here. (opens in new window).

The plaque reads:- "TERMINUS OF THE JERSEY EASTERN RAILWAY, 1873-1929."

Plaque location shot

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